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CARQUEST Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Policy

Requirements of the CARQUEST Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Policy are as follows:

•     The part was purchased or picked up at a CARQUEST Auto Parts Store. 
•     The customer has original proof of purchase.
•     The part fails within the manufacturer's warranty period.
•     The part must be returned to the original CARQUEST Auto Parts store if customer is within a 50 mile radius of that store.
•     If the part is a brand not normally carried by the CARQUEST Auto Parts store honoring the guarantee, the part will be replaced with a comparable brand carried by that store.

All products sold by CARQUEST Auto Parts are subject to the following:

The manufacturer's warranty, if any, constitutes the only warranty with respect to the sale of all goods.  SELLER HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  Seller does not authorize any person to grant any warranty or assume any liability by Seller.