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CARQUEST Premium Chassis

CARQUEST provides a full line of steering and suspension system components that match or exceed the specifi cations of original equipment (OE). Today, CARQUEST is an industry leader when it comes to the breadth, depth and quality of our steering and suspension system products and our ability to deliver them to our customers in an accurate and timely manner.

Raybestos™ Chassis products use advanced technology to deliver proven performance. Each part is engineered, precision-machined and performance-tested to meet or exceed the form, fit and function of the vehicle’s original manufacturer specifications. In fact, many of our ball joints represent a significant upgrade over Original Equipment Specifications.

The Raybestos chassis line provides unparalleled coverage. We offer part numbers for all domestic and foreign nameplates on the road today. So when you need that hard-to-find part, we’ll have it ready for you. Raybestos Chassis parts are designed with advanced technology to deliver proven performance. Install one today.




Manufactured by a name you know and trust, these highly engineered chassis parts feature:
• Precision-machined to stringent tolerances
• Performance-tested, low-friction polymers
• Unique designs offer ease of installation, longer service life and reduction in endplay
• Exceptional coverage for foreign nameplate and domestic vehicles
• Meets form, fit and function of the OE manufacturer
• Safe and reliable performance

NOTE: Specific design features may vary based on application


RAYBESTOS Chassis Professional Grade®

Our advanced, low-friction designs reduce endplay to hold tighter alignment tolerances. We are so confident in their performance that all Raybestos™ chassis Professional Grade® parts you install are backed by an exclusive parts and labor guarantee. Take no risks. Install Raybestos™ chassis today.

NOTE: Restrictions may apply


Ball Joints


Idler/Pitman Arms

Raybestos™ chassis products offer Advanced Technology® designs with precision-machined long-lasting ball joints. Ball joints often bear the brunt of the load on vehicles, causing uneven or premature wear. This can throw the vehicle’s alignment off, affecting steering and causing improper tire wear.

• One-piece forged housing for strength
• Two-piece cylindrical wedge provides industry’s finest fatigue/wear resistance
• No spring, no endplay
• Cold-formed, heat-treated stud for superior strength
• Full-ball design delivers ample wear surface
• Fused urethane boot prevents joint disintegration
• No galvanic corrosion thanks to coated stud and hardware


Variations in steering linkage geometry can lead to idler arm wear on problematic vehicles. When wear occurs, the toe setting can change radically when the suspension is put through its full range of motion. Raybestos™ chassis idler arms are engineered to meet or exceed the original vehicle manufacturer’s parts specifications. Our idler arms feature a larger bearing area for increased reliability and optimal performance.

• Super-sized bearing for superior stability and zero side-to-side endplay
• Precision-machined stud and bracket bearing surface extends life and optimizes performance
• Low-friction bearing set for smooth steering
• Fused dust boot prevents joint disintegration



Tie Rods


Sway Bar Link

Raybestos™ chassis products provide reliable durability with this superior tie rod that enhances performance. Raybestos™ chassis tie rods use a large diameter ball-and-socket design, and a permanently attached polyurethane dust boot that resists cracking, splitting and dry-rotting. These parts deliver quality and longevity.

• One-piece forged housing for strength
• Paired-bearing design yields low-friction, high-impact resistance
• Precision-machined stud delivers consistent torque for smooth operation


The Raybestos™ chassis sway bar link features a permanently attached polyurethane dust boot, greaseable components and a low-friction design – all engineered to optimize service life and reliability.

• Cold-forged rod for superior strength and stability
• Performance-enhancing low-friction design
• Full-ball stud maximizes performance surface area