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Lawn & Garden Products

Routine maintenance will help improve performance and extend the life of your lawn care equipment.  We offer over 5,000 power equipment items from Prime Line – and if it’s not in stock, we can special order it for you!

- Lawnmower Blades
- Starter Pull Cords
- Trimmer Wire
- Fuel Hoses & Filters
- Replacement Gas Caps & Ignition Switches

Don’t forget to also inspect and replace the belts and spark plugs!


Gates Blade Runner Belts


Champion Lawn and Garden Spark Plugs

Gates BladeRunner®belts are engineered and built to exactly match the composition, construction and fit of most popular lawn and garden power equipment brand names.

- Exact OEM fit and construction means more value and longer life.

-Aramid cord construction is utilised in many cases, providing longer service life during frequent and severe shock loads

- Built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of lawn and garden equipment.


Champion offers spark plugs for a variety of lawn and garden power equipment. They are designed to start easier because the booster gap features a fine-wire electrode that maximizes the energy flow into a concentrated spark.

Champion lawn and garden spark plugs also use a projected core nose that provides maximum anti-foul resistance. Champion is the original equipment spark plug of choice for many small engine manufacturers. Upgrade the spark plugs in your small engines with these Champion lawn and garden spark plugs for improved, easier starting.


Lawn & Garden Batteries


Lawn & Garden Batteries

lawn batteryCalcium/Calcium maintenance-free

Spillproof at a 45 degree angle

Extended off-season storage

OE style







lawn batteryHeavy Duty Gold

Highest crank rating available!

Heavy Duty

High crank capacity


Good crank capacity

Value priced