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Philips Lighting - More Light, Increased Safety


Standard Lighting


Philips X-treme Power



Philips X-treme Power


Philips CrystalVision Ultra


Philips VisionPlus

Maximum Performance
Up to 100% more light on the road

For those who won't settle for anything but maximum racing performance, X-tremeVision lights up the road further than any other halogen headlight on the market and it's equally long lifetime ensures that you'll only stop when you want to.

The new X-Plosive concentrate of technology:

• Chromium tip
• Special anti-reflex coating
• Improved geometrical filament design
• New gas composition and adapted pressure
• Quartz glass with new optical finish



Xenon powered Halogens for the look of HID

Any car driver would prefer to have daylight 24 hours a day. Daylight gives the best visibility. That is why Philips developed CrystalVision Ultra. CrystalVision Ultra has a blue coating; this blue-capped bulb creates a distinctive blue reflection closer to the look of Xenon HID. CrystalVision Ultra are DOT compliant and street legal.

The whitest light at up to 4,000 K

The "brilliant white daylight" produced by CrystalVision Ultra = enhances road signs and road marking reflections. The task of driving at night suddenly becomes a pleasure as today's drivers are less tired and able to better anticipate all driving challenges.


60% more light on the road

When a driver installs our VisionPlus range of bulbs, the driver makes an investment in enhanced driving safety and comfort. Philips VisionPlus produces 60% more light on the road compared to standard halogen headlight bulbs

More light, increased safety

Philips VisionPlus enables you to anticipate road obstacles, decipher traffic signs and see other drivers earlier than you might with other headlights. Having 60% more light on the road results in quicker reaction time that can save lives. VisionPlus halogen headlight bulbs have original equipment quality, resulting in the best price/quality ratio available in the market.


courtesy of: Philips Lighting