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Wiper Products




Bosch ICON


Rain-X Latitude

- Powerful structure, VorTec® aero-design spoiler that controls airflow and transfers it into maximum wiper/glass contact

- New exclusive HighGlide ® (low coefficient of friction) rubber element treatment for the smoothest, quietest wipe

- Longer lasting, robust construction, fits all 12 adapter styles

- Provides 98.02% vehicle coverage


- Asymmetrical Spoiler provides exceptional performance at high speeds

- Extreme All Weather Performance                                 

- Exclusive fx dual rubber provides superior wipe


- Contoured design applies even pressure along the length of the blade for a clean wipe

- Specially blended graphite coated rubber offers a durable, clean, chatter free wipe





TRICO Instinct



- Premium performance beam wiper blade

- Direct OE replacement, but better

- Acts as the perfect complement to TRICO Exact Fit, no adaptors necessary

- Features wiping element with exclusive Teflon® Surface protector


  • - Side-mount design provides a lower profile for improved windlift
  • - Dual-Shield ® Hybrid Technology:
    • Pivoting, high-strength polymer shell safeguards the blade from the elements
    • Spring steel beam structure provides optimal windshield contact and pressure
  • - SWIFT® Easy Connection Technology fits 12 leading arm types and mirrors the style of many of the new Asian import vehicles
  • - Universal beam blade, tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles
  • - Memory curve steel ® beam provides uniform pressure for a clean, clear wipe
  • - SWIFT® Easy Connection Technology for simple wiper replacement
  • - Patented twin point coupler that improves even load distribution


XtraClear Beam Blades Manufactured by TRICO


Rain-X WeatherBeater


TRICO Exact Fit

  • - One-piece wiper structure provides all-weather protection
  • - Beam blade engineering provides uniform pressure for the clearest wipe
  • - 96% vehicle coverage
  • - Long lasting durability defined by a galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion
  • - High quality traditional blade meets or exceeds all original equipment manufacturer’s standards

- Provides original factory quality for vehicles with conventional metal wiper blades

- Pre-attached adaptor for quick, easy installation




- Steel-reinforced blade that delivers superior durability and wiping performance

- KleenView will replace XtraClear Red blades and will be a running change

 - 95% vehicle coverage


Did You Know

An estimated 20% of vehicles on the highway operate with windshield wipers and/or windshield washer systems that are barely functional.

Learn why you should replace your wiper blades