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Emergency Preparedness

CARQUEST has the supplies you need to prepare or recover from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.


Be Prepared Checklist


Water jug - 1 gallon per
person, per day for 3 days


Food - 3 day supply of
non-perishable food


Manual can opener


Battery or crank radio


Whistle - to signal for help


Cell phone with charger and
inverter or solar charger


Local maps


Fire extinguisher




Extra batteries


First aid kit


Filter mask


Hand sanitizer


Moist towelettes,
garbage bags & twist ties
for personal sanitation


Plastic sheeting or tarp


Booster cables


Bungee cords


Duct tape


Wrench or pliers


…and more.



For more information,


Other Resources

CARQUEST Emergency Preparedness Checklist Flyer




Flashlights & Batteries


Generators, Mobile Power Strips & Extension Cords



Survival Kits & Accessories


Water Jugs, Garden Hose & Nozzles



Hand Tools


Tarps, Bungee Cords & Duct Tape



Latex & Leather Work Gloves


Booster Packs & Cables



Pressure Washers


Fuel Cans & Transfer Pumps



Heavy Duty Trash Bags


Winter Weather Supplies



Chemicals & Lubricants




Cleaning Supplies